The Franklin Police Department, in Franklin, MA, learned a couple of important lessons last week. They had noticed that some of the toys that had been collected for the Santa Foundation had gone missing. They were being stored in a classroom, with the door not closed. This was an open invitation to this thief:

Of course, this therapy doggo had no idea that these toys were not for him. According to the post the Police Department learned two very important details:

1. Close the door to the classroom


2. Keep the toys elevated

Officer Ben Franklin, a Golden Retriever, is a therapy dog for the PD out there, he is used to diffuse situations and comfort people, and primarily hangs out in schools where he comforts kids in crisis.

Ben has free run of the building, and one of the officers saw him walking out of the room with a toy baby doll, so, he pulled out his phone and started recording. Ben led the officer back to his lair, a bed under a desk, and there they found several other toys, including a stuffed llama and penguin. As to the motive behind the crime? Well, nobody is sure why Ben took the toys. However, the toys that he liberated, and drooled on, have been replaced.

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