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With Halloween around the corner, we love talking about all things spooky and haunted! So Thrillist released a list of the most haunted place in each state around the US. Minnesota's are some caves that I'm sure you've heard of: the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul.

The Wabasha Street Caves are famous for a few reasons. First, they are a very unique site in St. Paul. The Star Tribune says that they "were carved out of sandstone in the 1840s." In the 1920s they became a speakeasy where many gangsters hung out. Today, you can have your wedding at the caves, there are gangster tours, ghost tours, and swing dance nights.

Unfortunately, none of this will be happening much longer. The Wabasha Street Caves will be closing for good on November 30th. They made the announcement back in May. If you missed it, find out more about the caves closing HERE.

Now on to the creepy things that happen at the caves! Thrillist says that the ghosts who haunt the Wabasha Street Caves are three gangsters from the 1920s. These gangsters hung out at the caves during their bootlegging days. They ended up "getting murdered and buried in the floors." People who visit the caves "report seeing uninvited, very dapper guests roaming the halls, along with the ghost of a bartender and a madame."

I have also heard that people will feel a random chill in the caves which some say means that ghosts are around but we're also talking about caves here so I'll let you decide if you think that's real.

SCARY: 10 of The Most Haunted Places In Minnesota

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