We have a twofer today in terms of adoptable animals. Last week got away from me, so this week we have a dog and a cat that are both very fun, and both very much adoptable from two different agencies. Here we go!

Image Credit: Michaela Tews

Our first animal up for adoption this week is Cami, and she is currently located at the Mower County Humane Society in Austin. With more on Cami's story, is Mower County Humane Society volunteer Michaela Tews.

Say hello to Cami! Cami was found running loose in the county and no one ever claimed her. We think she's about 1-2 years old and we're still playing "guess the breeds" with her. Our guesses change daily. She could have some sort of shepherd in her or maybe some cattle dog. There might be some pit bull-type dog, too. She's an active and fun firecracker of a gal who is ready for a good time. She has been vet checked, spayed, chipped, and her adoption fee is $125.

Cami could do well with a male dog with proper introductions. Right now the shelter has no way of testing with cats, so maybe no cats in the home for Cami. Kids over 5 should be fine. Cami will require regular exercise to keep her happy and balanced. Boredom isn't cool for a dog like her. NOTE: Adoptions are done via private appointment once an application has been completed and approved. Applications can be submitted on the Mower County Humane Society website which you can find here.

The next animal we have for you is an adoptable kitten, Spunky, who is located in Steele County at Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota.

Image Credit: Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota

Spunky is a male black and white tuxedo kitten who is about 12 weeks old. Spunky came to Helping Paws with his siblings Sparky, Snuggles, and Squirt as tiny kittens after their mama was hit by a car. Spunky is very outgoing and playful and also loves to be held and petted. He will be neutered and have all age-appropriate shots when he is adopted.

To fill out an application to adopt please visit the Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota website, here.

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