While there is no indication that Budweiser is indeed making 6 foot long cases of Bud Light, let's be honest after the instant hit that Pabst Blue Ribbon had with its extra-long case of 99 beers, this is a no brainer for Anheuser-Busch.  

While the picture is just of the 6-foot long case of 72 beers, a quick look at the
Bud Light website doesn't show any indication that this product is real, which is where you come in. During this COVID-19 Winter, this is the social distancing device we need in our garages.
Facebook, leave a voicemail to put this product into production.

WhiskeyRiff.com also wrote about the need for this due the times we are living in. I agree, what's easier to see what 6 feet is a giant case of beer or some sort of measuring device?

The answer is always beer. Always.

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