Whether or not we are ashamed to admit it, we all have been to a dive bar in our lifetime. Some of us maybe have spent more time than others at that dive bar, maybe because we thought it was a fun and different atmosphere, maybe it was the drink prices, or maybe just maybe it was a mixture of how fun it became AFTER the cheap drinks. A website that is credited in it's press release as being from Faribault just made taking a road trip that much more fun. Meet DiveBarRoadTrip.com!

The website aims to "revive the Mom & Pop Bar culture in the US...and to bring the culture back that is slowly fading away. DiveBarRoadTrip.com celebrates the Mom & Pop Dive Bar culture everyday by promoting these bars and giving them a chance to talk about what they have to offer."

Even if your plans take you out of the #BoldNorth there are maps for that with recommendations for what to order when you get there. Worried that there won't be anything to do upon arrival? DiveBarRoadTrip.com has games for you to play including karaoke judging forms. 

So what do you say? Let's take the ultimate dive bar road trip this summer! I mean we now have the funds after winning the $5,000 with the Power 96 Power Play!

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