When you think fast-food your mind probably immediately goes to french fries and burgers. Except that's not the case with this chain. Subway is closing more of their locations than any other restaurant.

I was a little shocked when I first heard this. I thought Subway was successful.

In 2017 Subway closed more than 900 stores. Then they closed about 500 in 2018. And there will probably be more closures to come in 2019. Apparently, this is the least amount of stores they've had since 2011.

That sounds bad, right? Well, according to a Subway spokesperson they're closing these locations to focus on locations that are more profitable and making them even more profitable. They also plan to expand internationally and want to focus on that more too.

So yes, there may be fewer Subways around but that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to go out of business. Thank goodness for us sandwich lovers!



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