There's a guy I overheard while I was at the fair that could definitely use one of these!

This is a corn kernel cutter!

Pampered Chef via Amazon
The Pampered Chef via Amazon

So it does exactly what it seems, you drag it down the side of your corn cob and shred all of the corn off. But... why would you do that? If you want corn OFF the cob then why not buy it in a can or frozen?

Anyway, back to this guy at the fair! We were at the very popular corn on the cob stand and this guy behind me asked one of the employees if they can cut the corn off the cob for him. The poor person was so confused and probably a little frazzled! They're basically throwing corn at people all day because it's so popular, they don't have time to cut the corn off the cob for you!

Moral of the story, this guy needs to carry around a corn kernel cutter from now on!


Check out the corn kernel cutter HERE!

Also check out more from The Pampered Chef's Amazon store HERE!


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