Want to spend the night with some ghosts and ghouls? Here's the perfect way to do so! The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is apparently the most haunted spot in Wisconsin.

That's according to a list put out by online site Thrillist. The site dropped a list of the most haunted spot in every single state and Wisconsin's just so happens to be this upscale hotel. It was built in 1893 and also happens to be one of the nicest hotels in the area.

According to Thrillist, this also happens to be one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

The website also tells an interesting tale about the spot. Because it's so nice, many professional sports teams put their players up in it to stay the night. Many of these players refuse to stay at the hotel after staying the night once, reporting experiences of "strange knocking and pounding noises, TVs turning on and off, their belongings inexplicably moved."

Ahhhh! The hotel is located at 424 East Wisconsin Avenue. That's about a six hour drive from us in the Northland but if you take the trip, at least you know you have a place to stay the night. Ha!

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