There are so many great things to do at the Minnesota State Fair when you are an adult. The exhibits, the food, the machinery... there is enough to see that you would probably need multiple days to check all of it out.

For a three year old, there is really only one reason to go to the Great Minnesota Get Together: the rides. Oh, the rides. I didn't realize how expensive they had gotten!

A sheet of 28 tickets costs $25 and most rides take about six tickets to ride, which means it's about 5.35 to send your kid on a ride that lasts all of one minute. Fine, that's the cost of doing business I guess.

But when you have a little kid going on rides that can look and sound a little intimidating, they often want mom or dad to ride on there with them. That's where this infuriating policy comes in to play.

Check out the sign in the picture above:  "Parents may accompany children WITH TICKETS." Oh may I? Gee, thanks.

I guess the $5.35 I'm paying for my kid (on top of the $16 dollars I paid to get into the fair) won't cover dad sitting on this flying elephant? Do you think this ride is going to be a big thrill for me that warrants charging for?

Over ten dollars to go on one ride is way too big of an ask in my opinion.

We decided he should try to go on the rides by himself and we all know how that turned out: he cried and bailed out on the motorcycle ride and the bumper boat ride. 12 tickets, $11, just down the drain.

Nickelodeon Universe is a much better value than this. Admission to the park itself is free and parents ride for free with a paid kid.

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