This has college me written all over it. I mean they coveralls for going out and doing outdoor activities and an insulated cooler all at the same time! I stumbled upon this Kickstarter created by two Iowa guys who just love beer and being outdoors. It's called the Muff-Wader and it might be the best gift you never knew you wanted. 

The two guys, Taylor "Earl" Nees and Garret "Buddy" Lamp, are according to the Kickstarter campaign "chasing the American dream."  They just want to start a business and help create jobs for our hometown of fewer than 1,500 people in Iowa. 

Their Kickstarter goes on to say that "Taylor reached out to over 100 companies and often never even got a response." So what is a 'Muff-Wader' exactly?

They are your standard issue brown/tan coveralls that feature according to the Kickstarter page:

  • 6-pack insulated cooler (holds 12-ounce cans and bottles)
  • Bottle opener on chest
  • Magnetic koozie (snaps onto the bottle opener)
  • Deep side pockets on each leg (fits 1/5th of liquor nice an snug)
  • Pack phone/wallet pockets
  • Front hidden phone/wallet pockets (located on chest)
  • Made with strong materials made for the outdoors.

You can see it in all of its coverall glory here. I wish both guys "Earl" and "Buddy" the best of luck on their endeavor and hope they can make it big.


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