Even if you're not a photographer I know you still want to know when the fall colors will look the nicest, right?!

Thanks to Smoky Mountains, we have the ability to get an estimate of when the fall colors will be in their prime here in Faribault!

According to this map, Faribault should be at peak fall foliage right around October 22nd.

Oh, and if you're going to be traveling during the fall this map is perfect for you! The prediction map shows you the entire US, so if your traveling to Maine to catch the amazing fall colors there you might want to take a look at when they'll be at their peak!

You can mess around with the map for yourself HERE!

Here's what the US will look like around October 22nd (when Faribault will be at peak):

Credit: Smoky Mountains, https://smokymountains.com
Credit: Smoky Mountains, https://smokymountains.com


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