Aside from KISSDynasty album, the crossover between rock and the dreaded disco is basically non-existent. Now, of course, we've grown accustomed to some of the strangest genre mashups over the last decade thanks to the ever-expanding vastness of the Internet and the creativity of some individuals who, for some reason, do things like this metal version of the Bee Gees hit, "Stayin' Alive."

Tragedy is an all-metal Bee Gees tribute band, owning a narrow market quite exclusively. Above is the video for their cover of the disco legends' household hit and we've got to begrudgingly say that this isn't just fun and catchy — it rules!

If you don't believe us, try hitting play without wanting to just get down to that opening bluesy lick and AOR drum beat. Dialing back the energy with sustained chords before the chorus hits, it's all brought back when double kick drums guide the refrain, pulling off a true headbanging moment... in a Bee Gees song!

The video itself is steeped in late '70s glory with big hair and bigger dance moves on a floor illuminated with those cheesy colored squares. It has all the stereotypes you've seen in cartoons and parody scenes in movies and on TV, which only adds to the undeniable fun behind this cover.

Every time we think we've seen and heard it all, something more outrageous hits.

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