Writer for the New York Times, Kendra Pierre-Louis, recently wrote an article that's giving Duluth a lot of attention. Kendra writes about how Duluth is "climate-proof" in her article. "Climate-proof" means it's a place that's kind of like a refuge while the average temperatures across the country continue to rise.

In her article, she explains why Duluth is "climate-proof." One reason she sites is because Duluth is already one of the colder places in the country so as temperatures climb, Duluth's climate won't be as unbearable as other places. Also, because it's colder that means there's a lower chance of wildfires. Duluth is also inland which makes it protected from rising sea levels. And finally, Duluth has Lake Superior which means there's easy access to fresh water.

This is a plus for us because Duluth is a drive away, we can visit whenever we want! Kendra's article is based on a study that was done by Harvard University.



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