While I am not sure if they keep records like this, but the Hennen family out of Minneota has made the trek to the Twin Cities 24 times for some sort of state tournament over the last handful of years. Having 6 kids in multiple sports helps. WCCO-TV spotlighted the Hennen family last night. 

It's not just making it to state either with the Hennen family, winning state as a team also occasionally comes with a trip to either Minneapolis or St. Paul. The past two years, Minneota, has won the state volleyball Class A tournament. Minneota has also captured titles in basketball and comes into this year's tournament at the #1 seed in Class A and will face off against Waterville-Elysian-Morristown, a familiar foe from this year's volleyball championship match, with two Hennen's on this year's team.

The Hennen's kids Morgan and Abby are the youngest of the six children of Steve and Missy Hennen. The other four are Samantha, Kelsey, Molly, and Kyle.

From Minneota to St. Paul along Highway 212 is 168.6 miles, one way. So if we do some math the Hennen's have put on 8,092,8 miles on their vehicle, just for trips to state alone! (This math assumes they stay in the cities for the duration of the tournament, and don't drive back and forth each day)

There is a chance at trips 25 and 26 in the future for the Hennen parents as Abby is just a junior this year.

You can see the full report on the Hennen family below.

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