A Minnesota man isn't 'skirt'-ing the issue as he wants to bring back the unisex skirt. Bringing back might be the wrong term because men haven't regularly worn skirts since the first century A.D. Now before you say, "wait a minute men wear kilts!" yes they do, but this is a little different. 

In a recent article done by Citypages.com designer Joe Quarion was headed to an Ultimate Frisbee match, in which the team captains would give the players goofy dress-up themes. This time, the theme was skirts and dresses so Quarion put on a skirt he bought at Savers and headed to the field.

It got him thinking about the lack of skirts in menswear. There was no real reason why men shouldn’t wear skirts -- other than the fact that they generally don’t. At least, not anymore. Skirts were a universal product until around the first century A.D. when pants were adopted to make things easier for soldiers on horseback.

So after learning to sew, Quarion after a few prototypes came up with the Unaligned Skirt. A knee-length, heavy material skirt with deep pockets and belt loops.

He posted pictures of his new creation online, and the response was enough for Quarion to think there might be at least a small, untapped market for his creation. He set up a Kickstarter page in 2015 with a goal of $11,500. He ended up raising $16,298. So far, he’s sold 450 of his unique skirts, mostly to men.

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