It's so pretty, isn't it!?

I'm not talking about the map you just saw. I'm talking about all of the trees you'll see on your next fall drive!

I'm kind of a map geek. I like staring at maps. Apparently, a lot of people on Reddit do too. There was one map in particular that I realized could be super helpful this season when you're thinking about where to take a fall drive and see the most colorful trees that Minnesota has to offer.

You see, the Minnesota biome map outlines four sections: Prarie Grassland, Tallgrass Aspen Parkland, Coniferous Forest, and Deciduous Forest. In English, that means you'll have more trees to view on the eastern side of the state because the west is primarily prairie. I know, duh.

HOWEVER, the difference between Coniferous and Deciduous Forest is important. Knowing that difference will tell you where to find the colorful fall trees you're looking for. Simply put, the DNR explains that Deciduous Forest is made up of, "trees that lose their leaves at the end of each growing season." That means lots of beautiful maples and oaks. Bonus: according to the biome map, that's right in our backyard! You won't have to go too far to get your fall drive in.

Want specific updates on local fall colors? Check this out. Happy driving!

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