Ok, 'Karen'. Karen has become the go-to name for the stereotypical rude, obnoxious, and insufferable middle-aged white woman. You know the type, I think we've all encountered a 'Karen' before, maybe not personally, but you've probably heard her at a retail store, hotel, demanding to "speak to the manager". Ok, now you know what I mean when the world speaks of a 'Karen', what name is the male equivalent? Some say Ken, but "science" says that name is Terry.

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Fatherly.com recently did the heavy lifting on this. They researched the names of men and looked at their popularity of kids being named that over the years and one name stood out to seemingly mirror the Karen line. Sorry, Terry.

Image Credit: Nathancunn.com
Image Credit: Nathancunn.com

As you can see by the graph above the name lines are almost identical, which means that most Karen's and Terry's are about the same age.

Now the stereotyping of the name 'Karen' is one that seemingly emerged as if someone simply picked a name from a hat. It could have easily been Stephanie, Patty, or Linda.

That being said here are some famous people with the name Terry:

Terry Crews

Terry Bradshaw 

Terry Funk

Terry Francona

Terry Jacks

Terry Labonte

Terry Porter

Terry Lewis

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