Get ready to relive your childhood, LEGOS are now going to have a special line just for adults! KARE11 says they're being sold by a company called Indiegogo and these adult Legos are called LEGO FORMA.

And these things are way cool. They aren't just blocks that you put together like regular LEGOS, these are pieces that you put together on sturdy rods that once assembled, look like a koi, shark, splash koi, or ink koi (with the ink koi you get to color the fish yourself before putting it together!). Oh, and once it's all finished there's a motor inside and when you turn it on it looks like the fish is swimming!

My mind is blown right now, where has this been my whole life.

Here's the deal though, since this is a new thing there are only so many for sale right now so you might want to get your hands on these ASAP!

There's so much more you can check out about LEGO FORMA on the Indiegogo campaign site.




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