If you remember back this summer, we highlight the good deed done by a Southern Minnesota 11-year-old. Riley Flatness, saw a soldier standing in line waiting to order his lunch when he told his mom that he was going to offer to pay for the soldier's meal. Well, Riley, yesterday was given a reason to "Shell-ebrate" as he was the recipient of $10,000 from Planters and Hormel for his good deed.

According to Riley's mom, Patricia, they got a heads up something was going to happen after they got a message from Planters, after they saw what Riley had done.

I got a pretty unbelievable message a couple weeks ago. The lady had told me Planters and Hormel wanted to Shellebrate🎉 Riley's random act of kindness they heard about, buying the soldier his meal earlier in the summer. He is a recipient of their Little Acts of Substance, and was given $10,000! We thought it was a scam, this just doesn't happen! Well guess what... IT'S REAL! We had a couple visitors, Peanut and Pistachio, stop by the house in their Nutmobile. Riley was Shocked and so Thankful to receive this as he had No idea. He can not wait to donate some to his school for their fundraiser going on now, which will go towards the playground aaaand buy the skateboard he's been dreaming of. - Patricia Flatness

According to Riley's dad Jordan, one of the first things Riley thought to do was "donate some money to his school at Hawthorne for playground equipment and supplies. I mean come on guys this is an 11-year old who got $10,000 and that's the first thing he wants to do!"

I know Riley's dad Jordan, from my time working in Albert Lea, and we lived next to Jordan's uncle Arden. I'm not surprised that he was rewarded for his kind deed. He is really fortunate to have such great role models in his life, like his family.

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