It's been described as the 'Air Jordan's' of the canned world. If you're from Southern Minnesota the name 'Festal' should ring a bell, the pumpkin was initially canned in Owatonna before the brand was sold to Chiquita in the 90's, then to Seneca Foods in 2003. If you look online, you see 6 cans online selling for $52.75! On eBay, certain sellers are asking $54.99 for 10 cans plus shipping! But what makes former Minnesota brand so popular? 

Well for starters there are lots of rumors surrounding the brand that it's no longer being made, but Seneca Foods representatives have told various media outlets that the canned pumpkin is still being made and delivered to retailers. But that's where it gets gray. It's impossible to find! Even when you go to the Seneca Foods website, they don't even list Festal as a brand for pumpkin.

So why do people like it more than the other brands? The mix that is so popular was made early on from locally grown squash; the now-coveted pie recipe on the back was written by Marian Biersdorf the Owatonna home economics legend and radio host.

MPR states in this 2017 piece that fans of Festal claim it's the pumpkins used in the recipe, Golden Delicious. Some good news? I called the Faribault Hy-Vee and they did, in fact, have some Festal canned pumpkin in stock, but like all things, I'm sure the quantities are limited. Happy Hunting!

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