Getting away from all of the snow-nomi posts you are seeing everywhere, what a great day to be outside! I had to have seen 9 or 10 motorcycles out this afternoon, and our neighbor's son was out riding his dirt bike. I'm sure you've heard of this pizza place, Pizzeria 201, but I just got done eating dinner there and I now believe the hype.

After a day on the road, my wife and I drove up to the North Metro this morning to see my sister, who is in town for the Final Four, and the rest of the family for brunch. We then decided to go further north to see my father-in-law and enjoy the warmer temps. After dodging some raindrops this afternoon we made it back home and we both didn't feel like cooking so back in the car to downtown Montgomery to try a local favorite that we hadn't been to yet. 201

The place was packed with some larger parties who had the same idea as we did. Luckily we were able to snag a table near the patio and didn't wait too long to see our server.

Having never eaten at Pizzeria 201 before we asked our waitress what she recommended because you can get pepperoni pizza just about anywhere. She gave us a few recommendations and we settled on the Tuscan Dreams pizza. So freaking good. It had creamed spinach with Alfredo, artichoke, sliced spicy sausage, fresh tomato & a handful of Grana Padano (fancy Italian cheese).

Not only did we enjoy the food and some drinks, we learned about the Czech Paul Bunyan that was displayed out on the patio, courtesy of this MPR article.  Every now and then it's good just to get out and spend some quality time with family, and we accomplished that today.

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