If you were in the Twin Cities late last week and happened to look up, you might have just seen a stealth B-2 bomber. A Facebook group named Minneapolis/St. Paul Aviation Spotting shared photos of about 10 stealth bombers flying around the area.

Was it just simply a military exercise, or something more sinister? Were the B-2s moving in preparation of further airstrikes on Syria? Were they about to send a message to Iran? Was a nuclear strike of some sort imminent?
On Friday afternoon, the Air Force finally released an answer to the website DefenseNews.com:
“Our bombers routinely participate in scheduled air training exercises designed to enhance interoperability,” Carla Pampe, a spokeswoman for Air Force Global Strike Command, wrote in the statement. “These training opportunities develop and improve ready air forces.”
Air Force officials declined to comment to the website on how many bombers were involved, whether the tankers were also participating in the exercise or why they were flying over Minneapolis ― perhaps the result of the recent Air Force decision to cut down on public release of information about exercises.
For all we know, maybe the B-2 pilots were Prince fans and were doing some synchronized flying to “The Beautiful Ones.” But there is one thing that I know, that it was awesome to see pictures of these planes that seem so mysterious flying in our neck of the woods.


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