TikTok user Tancred12 uploaded a short video on December 6th that perfectly sums up how I feel about 2020. In the video, which shows someone (tancred12?) cruising through a neighborhood in their car looking at Christmas decorations, when they stumble upon a lit inflatable Santa up on someone's roof. Only this Santa seems to have filled up on milk before he took off from the North Pole as he is relieving himself on an inflatable 2020 sign. It's epic.


What makes this video even better is it is set to Michael Buble singing 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.' Buble who later saw the video then shared it to his social media pages where it blew up.

You've got to hand it to Buble as he wrote above the video he shared "Well this sums things up pretty perfectly."

I'm now waiting to see if someone will do something similar over in our neck of the woods. (Speaking of lights, you can see some of the best lights in SE Minnesota right here.)

I can agree with Ol Saint Nick and probably the homeowner on how they felt about 2020. I lost an aunt to cancer in March, and then we lost my dad's mom in April just a few weeks after my aunt.

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