It never fails, right after Christmas, while scoping out the great seasonal clearance items, I always see the displays of storage containers and cleaning supplies. I guess it makes sense, people are cleaning up from the holiday season, and trying to put away all of the holiday decorations.

Since there are so many different storage and cleaning supplies being sold, my mind goes to de-cluttering my house. Now, it's not messy, we just end up collecting so much "stuff" that is not needed throughout the year. It doesn't help that I like to hang on to things longer than I probably should.

So, this weekend, I will be going through my things, and my daughter's things, and we will be purging what we no longer need. I need to do this, at least once a year. The best tip I have is, if I had to move next month, would I want to move this item as well? If the answer is no, I should either donate it or pitch it.

For more tips on getting your home clutter free, check here.

Spring Cleaning

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