Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has lashed back at a fan who complained about nudity at the band’s Stadium Tour concert in San Francisco.

Lee called Juan Alvarez a “pussy” after a TV news report covered his shock over what had happened at the Oracle Park performance also featuring Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett on Sept. 7.

Alaverez, who attended with his sister, told ABC: “Minors and everyone [were] forced to see people nude on the big screen and everyone was doing it around us too. It was like Sodom and Gomorrah; it was crazy. Even the usher, he had to pull a guy down from the brick wall because he had his private parts out, screaming.”

Event organizers confirmed there had been several complaints about the incident, during which Lee encouraged audience members to flash their breasts and penises. Alvarez added: “When I brought up there were children and 6 and 9-year-old girls and kids there, they said, ‘Well, they shouldn't have come to the Crue show.’”

In response, Lee posted a clip of the report while talking over the top of it, saying: “Oh my God, boobs and penises – what are we gonna do? Hey Juan, I got a question for you: what the fuck do you expect to see at a Motley Crue concert, dude? We’ve been doing this for fuckin’ ever. Jesus Christ, you fuckin’ pussy!”

The clip was accompanied with the message: “The world is too soft! Been doing this shit for years Juan! Motley Crue concerts aren’t PG and never have been! Grow the fuck up!” He later added: “Complaining about seeing tits at a Motley Crue concert is like complaining about seeing cheesecake at a cheesecake factory.”

Lee, who recently posted nude pictures of himself on social media, later revealed he’d joined the OnlyFans platform. “In case you guys are fucking living under a rock, I’ve been in trouble a little bit lately,” he announced at the final Stadium Tour show in Las Vegas on Sept. 9. “What I’ve done is I have now gone over to a place where you can be free as fuck. And you can show anybody whatever the fuck you want, and they don't fucking take it down.” His announcement – which he confirmed by mooning the crowd to reveal the word “OnlyFans” written across his butt – came after he’d successfully invited members of the Vegas audience to flash him too.

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