I'm not a tornado expert, but I've watched Twister more than once. Anyway, a video that has gone viral recently is from the July 8 tornado that touched down near Dalton, MN. YouTube User Michael Marz claims to have captured the tornado up close. After watching the video, I think parts of it are real, but the up-close portion of the video, in my opinion, just doesn't look real does it?

You can watch the video below of the tornado, but the viral portion of the video starts around 3:18.

The reason I'm not too sure about the up-close portion is based on three observations I have made. The first, the tornado in the video looks insanely close to Marz, but watching and listening to the video it's not as loud as a tornado gets right? It just sounds like Minnesota on a windy day. For those in the Faribault area, that roaring wind is something you'll never forget that accompanies a tornado.

The second thing is you don't hear anything like debris hitting the vehicle as he seems to be close enough you'd hear something hit the vehicle, as the video shows lots of debris swirling around.

The last thing I noticed, is the tornado is in a field. Wouldn't the funnel be browner and less 'gray/white' than what it is from all the dirt?

What about that car stopping around the 4-minute marker even closer to the tornado...

Image Credit: Youtube User Michael Marz
Image Credit: Youtube User Michael Marz

Like I said I'm not an expert here, but looking at the video it just looks too good to be true, if it is true Michael Marz you sir, to quote AC/DC have got 'Big Balls'.

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