We are only a week away from Thanksgiving, and the local grocery stores are getting busier with people buying their supplies for Thanksgiving dinners. There are also a lot of baking supplies displayed, some sales, and that got me to thinking how soon is too soon to begin Christmas baking?

I take part in a Christmas cookie exchange every year with my best friend and her family, so that means even extra baking. I definitely like to get started early so that way I am not trying to get 3 different types of cookies made in one day.

Yes, I make 3 kinds of cookies for sure; sometimes more. The main staple is the peanut butter kisses cookies, I have a great recipe. I also like to make peanut butter cookies with milk chocolate chips. Yes there is a theme, I love peanut butter and chocolate together, so a lot of my cookies have both. I am still looking for a good third kind to make, and am open to any suggestions.

How soon do you start baking and what is your go-to recipe for Christmas treats?

Homemade christmas cookies - gingerbread
Yelena Kovalenko. ThinkStock

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