A cameo on The Simpsons is a definitive sign that you’ve made it. Throughout the show’s 30 seasons, hundreds of musicians have been yellow-fied, but these are the 10 most memorable appearances by rock and metal artists.

One of the earliest cameos can be seen in “Flaming Moe’s.” The Season Three episode tells the story of a cough-syrup intoxicant that essentially predicted the rise of lean. For the promise of free pickled eggs, Aerosmith performs at Moe’s Tavern, with Steven Tyler mistaking Springfield for St. Louis.

On The Simpsons’ Season Four finale, Krusty the Klown gets cancelled from TV. As the beloved entertainer attempts to get his career back on track, he recruits the Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform on his comeback special. However, the sexually charged lyrics to “Give It Away” worry the network executives, so Krusty suggests a more family friendly line to the tighty-whitey rock band.

Even fictional bands have made iconic appearances on The Simpsons. Perhaps the best rock cameo of all time belongs to Spinal Tap, who play a disastrous gig in Springfield. After their blow-up Satan refuses to inflate and a laser beam temporarily blinds one member, Spinal Tap call off their show early, only to have their bus crash later in the episode.

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