A couple of days ago I shared the Top 5 Worst Gifts for Father's Day, so it is only right that I share what could be the Top 5 Gifts, and could make your dad claim that you are his favorite child. You don't even have to break the bank to get that perfect gift.

For other ideas, you can click here. For my dad though, the ABSOLUTE best gift would be spending time with him. Which doesn't cost me anything but my time. Have a great Father's Day!

No ties on this list:


  • Romanticist/Amazon

    BBQ Accessories Kit

    What dad isn't "King of the grill?" With this kit, he will feel all powerful when grilling out.

  • FreezeTIC/Amazon

    Beverage Chillers

    Perfect for keeping those adult beverages cool while grilling out with the BBQ Accessories that your brother bought for dad.

  • Majestic Pure/Amazon
    Majestic Pure/Amazon

    Shaving Kit

    For that dad who really likes a more professional shave, and wants to feel pampered. Dads need pampering too.

  • Big Mouth Inc/Amazon
    Big Mouth Inc/Amazon

    Prescription Coffee Mug

    Ok, this one is kind of cheesy, but, I can see my dad loving this. Bonus points if you throw in a package of his favorite brand of coffee, or a gift card to his favorite coffee place.

  • Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media
    Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

    Twins Tickets

    Since this is MN, what list would be complete without MN Twins tickets? That is, if you want to take your dad out to the ballgame close to Father's Day. Otherwise, any type of sporting events tickets would work, after all Father's Day is all about dad, right?

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