Many of us know the feeling of our blood pressure rising when we see a piece of paper in our windshield. It's the worst! But even worse is when you walk out to where you left your car and it's not there anymore because it's been towed. Fortunately I've never experienced that but I usually try to park legally to avoid that possibility.

Well one tow truck driver did not park legally and it caused an uproar. Recently, in Burnsville, a tow truck was spotted at an Applebee's parked in the fire lane. Ironically the tow truck had a car attached to the back of it.

People were quite upset that the driver of this tow truck thought that it was ok for them to break the rules but none of the cars that they tow could.

Eventually the picture and story were posted on Facebook and the owner of the towing company commented on the post and tried to explain the situation. He claims that the driver of the tow truck was waiting to deliver the car it was towing to an interested buyer. The buyer never showed and the driver got hungry so they went in to get something to eat.

Ummmm, ok, while I'm sure that's the true story I still feel like a tow truck should follow the rules of parking, even if they are planning on just dropping something off and leaving right away.

Check out the photo of proof here.


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