A dark sadness fell over the world of music on this day in 1994 with the suicide of Kurt Cobain, although we wouldn't realize until three days later when his body was found. Cobain and, more importantly, his band Nirvana helped change the face of the music in the early '90s with the explosive success of their album Nevermind due to the hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Here was a band that was thrust into the spotlight playing music that was normally found in the indie section of the mom-and-pop record stores that used to be found across the country, and music lovers readily embraced their rough, brash and often indecipherable sound.

Cobain found himself praised as the leader of a new generation of music, which was something he often seemed uncomfortable with. His life was riddled with health, drug and depression issues, so it wasn't surprising that on this day in 1994, Cobain chose to end his life rather than struggle with the demons that tormented his soul. What he left behind was a beautiful legacy of music that lives on to this day. A snapshot of the anger, fear, frustration, inspiration and happiness of his life for all eternity, in a way Kurt Cobain lives on through the music he left us.

  • 1

    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    The hit single that made them a household name and changed the way we rocked.

  • 2

    Come As You Are

    This single was their second Top 40 hit.

  • 3


    This tune was first recorded in 1990 but rerecorded for Nevermind and released as its third single.

  • 4

    In Bloom

    I love the video for this single. It was filmed in the style of the '60s rock band appearances on television. I find it humorous that the host of the show mispronounces the band's name.

  • 5

    Heart-Shaped Box

    "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song, but this is my favorite single from Nirvana. It was their first single from their third and, sadly, final studio album, In Utero.

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