Trevor Lawrence was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars as the number one NFL Draft pick this year and has gotten a ton of media attention. One interview that he did ended in a hilariously awkward moment when Lawrence rejected the request to throw his first NFL pass to the interviewer.

See the interview from @JamesPalmerTV that ended with an awkward rejection from Trevor Lawrence on Twitter below.

Palmer was hoping to be graced with the first pass Trevor Lawrence ever threw as an NFL quarterback, but the Clemson great made it clear that he was going to save those throws for his new teammates.

You have got to give a little respect to James Palmer for, as he put it "shooting his shot" with Lawrence, as the number one overall pick is looked at as one of the greatest prospects to be drafted at the Quarterback position since Andrew Luck.

There is also something really funny about Trevor Lawrence making the decision that he was NOT going to be throwing this guy a pass. Lawrence could have easily just tossed him the ball and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but he saw an opportunity to make this guy look a little silly and jumped on it.

I think that Trevor Lawrence will end up being a poster-boy for the NFL, as his personality is already showing through in initial professional interviews.

As for James Palmer, well I am sure he is quite happy with getting a great interview done with a guy of Lawrence's status. He will brush off that rejection and enjoy the rest of the NFL Draft weekend, I am certain.

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