Legendary WWE Superstar, NXT Founder and Loudwire’s Metal Ambassador of the DecadePaul ‘Triple H’ Levesque — is the latest to take the hot seat for a round of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? In this episode of our signature series, "The Game" proves and disproves (mostly disproves) what’s written about him online.

It’s not true that Triple H left WCW because they refused to promote him as a singles competitor. The performer actually made a deal with WCW head Eric Bischoff for one year, but once the company started going downhill, Triple H saw that his best future would be with WWE. After a meeting with Vince McMahon, the future "King of Kings" was convinced the boss wasn’t interested in him, but after a successful showing at Starrcade, Mr. McMahon picked up the phone and gave Triple H a job.

As a member of the iconic D-Generation X stable, Hunter Hearst Helmsley caused a heroic amount of real-life trouble with Shawn Michaels. However, it wasn’t either performer who came up with the DX name, nor was it Vince Russo or columnist Phil Mushnick. According to Triple H, the first time he heard the phrase was from Shane McMahon.

As for Vince, Triple H remembers some classic behind-the-scenes moments with the WWE Chairman. “Every week, when we would come back, he would ream us. ‘You guys are gonna get us thrown off the air!’” the 14-time world champion recalls. “They wanted to try and script us. I remember Shawn crumpling up a piece of paper, throwing it and bouncing it off of Vince’s forehead, saying, ‘You didn’t write it before. You ain’t writing it now,’ and walking out of the room.”

Finally, Triple H confirms that despite what Wikipedia says, "The Game" gimmick was not originally meant for Owen Hart. “There are certain things that you say that organically resonate. ‘The Game’ was just that. I have no idea where the Owen thing came from. I had never heard it until a couple of years ago.”

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