Snow.  It's something that we know and expect in Minnesota  And it also comes with a lot of clean up. This snow that we got overnight is the really heavy stuff too, like just back breaking if you are having to shovel instead of using a snow blower or a plow of some sort.

As I was driving to work I notice several cars cleaned off... mostly.  Except for the top of the vehicle.  Like everything else is clear of snow except for the roof.  I get that sometimes you're in a hurry, or you think "so what, it will blow off" or if you have a taller vehicle like an SUV or a truck it's hard to reach.  The problem is that when you drive, it does blow off, and either covers your back window which will obstruct your view, or will obstruct other driver's view as they are following you on the road, or a combination of the two.

This is super annoying and inconsiderate.  But, is it illegal?

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The short answer is no, its not illegal to not clear off the snow from the roof of your car. But it is illegal to not have your windshield completely clear along with the side windows of your vehicle.  You can actually be fined if those areas are not clear.

According to CBS news- there is a statute on the books that lays out what you are required to do.

...there is a statute on the books in Minnesota that lays out your responsibilities when it comes to brushing snow from your car.

"You're required to have your front windshield and front side windows clear as to not obstruct vision in any way," said Minnesota State Patrol's Lt. Eric Roeske.

There really is no good excuse for not clearing off the snow, but it's not illegal.  And fun fact, there is actually a statute on the books that states that snow and ice that falls off your vehicle could be considered littering in some scenarios.  That is a misdemeanor.  I can't imagine anyone being cited for that, however.  But it could happen.  Just keep that in mind.

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