Thanksgiving is next week already, and it's hard to believe that we are already into the holiday season. With the holiday season comes the eating season, and I probably enjoy that part a little bit too much. I love the tryptophan coma after eating a full Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all.

However, there are some people who prefer ham for their Thanksgiving dinner. I know, it doesn't seem right, at least not to me. You can't put stuffing in a ham, you don't get the same flavored gravy, it just isn't the same.

Now my family, my large extended family, is planning our Thanksgiving dinner, and the staple is the turkey. However, there will also be ham offered. Having a choice is nice, I am just glad that there will be a turkey with all of the sides.

Which is your preference? Turkey? Ham? Both? Something else? Let us know and share any good recipes with us. If you need any good turkey recipes, I found some that you can check out here.

Traditional Sliced Honey Glazed Ham

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