You'd never know it by how it feels this morning outside, but parts of Minnesota could be in for a warm-up by the time March rolls around according to a Twin Cities Meteorologist. How do temps in the 50s and 60s sound for the first week of March?

Now before you start in on the old "If they can't get the weather forecast right a week out into the future how can they say anything about a month out into the future?" speech, Twin Cities Meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas from Channel 5, KSTP-TV, in the Twin Cities mentions that in his post about the potential for much more comfortable weather.

The post from Yuhas states:

Yesterday I mentioned we could be seeing +60 degree temperatures in the Twin Cities by early March and here is that reasoning.
This is the 30-day long range model called the CFSv2 (Climate Forecast System V2 ). The CFSv2 shows the current pattern and interpolates weather patterns out 30 days. The CFSv2 can’t always pick up every short term pattern but does very well for the overall long term patterns.
I am happy to say over the past few days the CFSv2 has been consistent in showing a major pattern overhaul by early March with a dominant Southerly wind flow that could easily get temperatures in the 50s and 60s here in early March! Jonathan Yuhas
So there you go, apparently, the modeling system known as CFSv2 is better at the longer-term forecasts than the shorter-term ones.
I for one won't complain if this model is right or wrong. It just gives me the perspective that March isn't too far away.
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