How about some good news? After being called for a welfare check on a senior citizen in Crystal, the responding officer learned that the resident hadn't eaten in days, so the responding officer did what many would do, and started to make a meal for the hungry resident.

In a social media post to the Crystal Police Department, the responding officer, Officer Vang, is seen whipping up some eggs for the resident in a photo that was taken by another responding officer.

The photo had been shared over 3,000 times, after being posted on June 3rd.  The social media post also indicated that the department is "working to connect this resident with services to aid in the long term."

These are the types of interactions that many people don't see, or often hear about as many times the first responder doesn't want the attention, or simply brushes it off as "doing their job." While some of that is true, it's moments like this, that give people hope that we haven't lost our direction as a society.

It says something too that this senior citizen hadn't eaten in days, and is not able to cook for themselves was in this situation to begin, but we don't know the full story on that.

On these hot June days, be sure to check in with family members and neighbors to make sure they are doing alright, offer them a place to cool off if they don't have one, take them out to a movie and sit in the A/C. Make sure they've got some water or ice to stay hydrated, offer to mow their lawn if it looks like it needs it on these hot days. All in all, just be a decent person.

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