Nope, I'm not here to beat up the Twins. However, with a record of 8-25 through 33 games it seems natural to me to ponder just how bad a record is 8-25. It sure ain't good.

Let's compare the results of the five worst finishes in the history of Major League Baseball since 1900. Gulp, the Twins are right in the thick of it.

The worst record belongs to the 1916 Philadelphia A's who finished 36-117. After 33 games they were 13-20. That's five games ahead of the Twins after 33 games. This team really went into a swoon.

Next up is the '35 Boston Braves, who finished up at 38-115. After 33 games they were 9-24; still better than the 2016 Twins.

It only gets worse as we move on to the Mets, yes, the joke of baseball in the early '60s. The 1962 club wound up at 40-120. After 33 games they had a record of 12-21. That's four more wins than the Twins have.

We get to the 1904 Washington Senators, who started the season with 10 straight losses. They finished the season at 38-113. After 33 games they were worse than this year's Twins with a 6-25 mark. I realize not all the numbers add up, because with no night baseball, some games ended in ties due to darkness or the need to catch a train home. So we finally have a team with a worse start than the Twins after 33 games. Alas, it's the Senators, who moved to Minnesota and evolved into today's Minnesota Twins.

And the team with the fifth-worst finish, the 1919 Philadelphia A's, who posted a 36-104 mark, started out 7-26, a game worse than today's Twins after 33 games.

Actually next up is a fairly recent team, the 2003 Detroit Tigers, who wound up 43-119 and had a 7-26 start. Three seasons later in '06, the Tigers racked up 95 wins.

So there you have it, the Twins, based on the first 33 games, are mighty close at a shot at finishing with the worst or one of the worst records ever. I don't think this will happen though. While not expecting a miracle I do think there's enough talent to go around and maybe hit 70 so so wins, which would be pretty good considering where they started.

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