You gotta love those road rage incidents.

Yes, it sucks when you’re involved in one and I do my best to stay out of them, but when it involves someone else, it’s time to get the popcorn ready.

Sometimes they get violent as hell, but usually neither party really wants to go to blows, they just want to blow off some steam – like this hilarious incident that happened yesterday in Dallas.

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It all started when the driver in the car in which the video is being filmed became impatient with the other guy, who apparently wasn’t driving fast enough for his liking.

The video picks up after the other driver had enough of the tailgating and started mean mugging the impatient guy – and that’s where it gets good.

After you hear the impatient driver asking the other dude why he’s staring at him, he goes into Hulk Hogan mode and just starts screaming at him, which sets off a cussing match that lasts damn near a minute.

For all the hilarious "your mama" insults that were hurled back-and-forth, I can’t for the life of me figure out where the hell the “Trump bitch” came from. Maybe the older guy is a fan of former President Trump and gets juiced up when he mentions his name?

Whatever the case may be, it’s pretty damn clear neither one of those guys had any intention of stepping out of their vehicles and throwing blows. And to tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad they didn’t because I’d much rather watch their real-life version of a professional wrestling promo.

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