More bummer 2020 news. Lonsdale Community Days set for August 8th this year and the Defeat of Jesse James Days scheduled for this September have both been canceled due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. Both events made the announcement via their social media pages.

The Lonsdale Community Days decision was "extremely difficult to make, but the safety of our fans, community, vendors, volunteers, and staff is always our top priority, and nothing will ever take precedence over your well-being" according to Festival Chair Shanna Gutzke-Kupp in a post to the event's social media page.

Image Credit: via Facebook
Image Credit: via Facebook

One thing that I hadn't seen in other community celebration posts what that Londale's Community Days is rolling over the sponsorship and vendor fees from 2020 to 2021.

In Northfield, the decision to cancel 2020's Defeat of Jesse James Days was equally tough. The decision according to a post to the celebrations Facebook page states it was a "heartbreaking decision to cancel the 2020 Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration. This decision was not made lightly, as we recognize the importance our celebration weekend holds for other nonprofits in our community and the impact it has on our local businesses, sponsors, celebration vendors, and partners" according to Galen Malecha DJJD Chairperson and the Defeat of Jesse James Days Committee in a Facebook post.

In an added wrinkle to the announcement, the Defeat of Jesse James Day committee is "hopeful that we can still find an alternative way to celebrate as a community on a local level whether that be in person or through virtual methods."

So maybe there will be some event in Northfield?

All of the events that have been canceled help mark the time of summer, instead we are left to make our own plans and memories all the while still socially distancing.

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