First of all.  Yuck.  Why would anyone want or build or even think of using a two story outhouse??

The first thing you might think of... where does the "stuff" go from the upper of the two story outhouse go?  I mean.... really.  The second thought is referring back to the first thought and that I would never use the lower of the two.

This two story outhouse is located in Belle Plain, Minnesota.

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This is from the Belle Plain historical society and surprisingly, this two story outhouse is not the only one

"Samuel Bowler had a large number of children so he added on to the outhouse structure," Jill Bowers told us. Jill is Bowler's great-great-grandniece. "Not only does the house boast a 'five-holer' but also a skyway connecting the upstairs of the outhouse to the house proper."

Like the model in Gays, "The upstairs facilities are situated a little further back so that the 'materials' released from the second floor fall behind the wall of the first floor."

Well, at least they thought about the "materials" as they call it falling behind the person who would be on the lower level.  I'm sticking by my original thought - only using the upper level.

If you are really interested in other structures like this one, there is actually tours that are held at the other places that these are located.  And it's all over the country  It's a tour of outhouses!  Ok, maybe not exactly called that, but it's pretty close.  You can check out and learn about these things here on the "roadside America" website.  It's all about strange places throughout America.  Could be interesting.

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