Superior residents, have you ever seen anything like this? A Twin Ports resident says they saw a UFO in the area recently.

It all went down in mid-August. I always check the National UFO Reporting Center for UFO and / or alien sightings that happen in the Duluth area but was curious recently as to if there had been any in the Superior area. To my surprise, there has been one and it happened over the summer.

According to the report, it happened around 10 p.m. at night and lasted for about an hour. It is described as a light formation in the sky.

The resident who reported the sighting says she was inside her house when her husband came inside from outdoors and said he saw a zig-zag like formation in the sky. He even drew it for her on a piece of paper so she could understand it better.

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Shortly after the first sighting, the reporting party says they both went out back and saw "two moving, lit-up objects" that were going in opposite directions. One seemed "like it was jumping forward" and then disappeared after a short time. The other went in the opposite direction, according to the report, and then disappeared as well.

After nearly 20 minutes, the reporting party says nothing happened. They went into their front yard and saw four more objects in the sky, going opposite directions and space out a few minutes apart.

This is not the only time a UFO sighting has happened in Superior, Wisconsin. In late 2019, one member of our staff had a similar experience to the one mentioned above. Wow!

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