File this one under things you didn't think you needed to know (TYDTYN2K), earlier this month a man from Minnesota wrote and performed an original "Minnesota Beer Song". And like a Minnesota brewed beer, while at times it sounds a little awkward, it's oddly satisfying.

According to the video on Youtube, which you can watch above, the thought behind the video was to create "An original beer song that is intended to be sung live at any of our many wonderful breweries in Minnesota."

Nieto went on to write that "I would also love it if others created their own pun-filled verses in the future, using the names of other Minnesota breweries that I missed or reusing the ones already mentioned in a new way."

The song runs down and features 47 of Minnesota's craft breweries. From Austin to all points of the #BoldNorth, Nieto also recruited some choir singers from the Minneapolis imPulse choir to join in on the chorus.

With lyrics like "it's never to early to get squirrelly with a Surly, it might become the Summit of your day" it's a unique take on celebrating the culture and craftsmanship of what Minnesota brewers are creating here.

As far as Nieto singing that "we don't want your Spotted Cow not today, nor anyhow" let's not poke our friends over in Wisconsin, as they make for some fine friends like Quick Country 96.5's Curt St. John, and their craft beer is pretty tasty as well.

Raise a glass, sing along, or simply enjoy a cold one on this pleasant Sunday in the #BoldlyBrewedNorth

*There is no 'officially' recognized beer song in Minnesota.

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