This hits way too close to home. A UFO sighting was reported in Chisholm recently.

Aliens and UFOs have been making headlines a lot lately, especially in national news. That got me thinking - when was the last time an alien or UFO was spotted in the Twin Ports?

You may think this sounds strange but actually, this wouldn't be a huge shock. Residents and tourists alike have spotted aliens or strange things in the skies and reported the sightings. For instance, a few months back, a couple visiting the area was driving from Grand Marais to Tofte when they spotted something off cruising along the North Shore.

So has there been a sighting in our neck of the woods recently? The answer is yes.

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The sighting went down a few months ago. The exact date the sighting was reported is May 8 of 2021. The exact time of the sighting is unknown at this time because the time the UFO sighting was reported and the time it was said to have been seen differ.

Either way, it happened in Chisholm. This hits close to home as Chisholm is about an hour and change away from the Twin Ports.

According to whoever reported the sighting, it lasted for just about twenty minutes. The reporting party describes the event as follows:

Hundres of white lights traveling in the same direction and same speed west to east over Chisholm mn , there was a pattern ( *** ** *** ** ) like that moving along the night sky. Pictures were taken and video was unsuccessful.

This wasn't a quick sighting either! The report on the National UFO Reporting Center says that the sighting lasted about 20 minutes.

Maybe it is just because it has been such a crazy year or maybe it is that we are getting more advanced technology but it is getting harder and harder to deny that aliens are real!

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