This isn't the first patient we hear say this.

Watch as a COVID patient in a Baton Rouge hospital expresses her disgust for not getting the COVID vaccination when she could have.

Aimee Matzen told a CNN reporter that she was furious with herself for not getting the COVID vaccine, and now she struggles to breathe while on oxygen in the hospital.


Other patients echoed her words and they too are encouraging everyone to get the vaccine so that they don't end up in the situation they are currently in.

One nurse told CNN that some with COVID don't believe they have it, even after a positive test and some are self-diagnosing themselves with just a cold.


Medical professionals across the state of Louisiana are pleading with folks to get the vaccine as hospitals are being pushed to the brink with COVID patients.

Here's what patients are saying about not getting the COVID vaccine when they could have.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: