I used to live in downtown Minneapolis for almost 4 years. A few times a week, I’d jog past U.S. Bank Stadium over the course of its construction. It was very cool being able to see it being built. And when the new Vikings stadium was finally complete, I was in awe of how beautiful it looked – especially compared to the concrete beer can where the Vikings used to play. I still haven’t been to a live game yet, but I have heard about how loud that building gets. Which is great when it comes to fans being able to make life difficult for an opposing team’s offense. But when it comes to concerts? Maybe not so much.

Despite its many positives, I’ve heard a few complaints about U.S. Bank Stadium: the shadiness of public financing, the fact that the building might murder birds, and the horrendous sound at live concerts. I also haven’t seen a show there yet, but a few people I’ve talked to have complained about the poor acoustics.

Luckily, it appears that stadium officials are at least listening to those complaints, although it might take some time before they’re able to provide a permanent fix. The best advice in the meantime? According to one of their marketing and communications manager, the best way to diminish hearing echoes and all that reverberation is to get seats closer to the stage.

Whether that advice is helpful is up to you and your bank account. Hopefully they fix this sooner than later, because I’m a nosebleed section guy, personally.

Credit: WCCO



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