Krispy Kreme is offering one free original glazed doughnut to any person that can show proof they have had their COVID-19 vaccination through the entire year of 2021.

From now until 2022 begins, any person that has had their entire set of Moderna or Pfizer shots, or their single Johnson & Johnson shot, will qualify for one free doughnut every time they present their vaccination card to a Krispy Kreme employee in-store or at the drive-thru window.

The offer is not available for delivery, which is the only downside. I will have to put on pants to go get my free doughnut. Bummer.

If you have chosen not to get the vaccine, the company is still offering a free donut and a medium brewed coffee from Krispy Kreme between March 29th and May 24th, which is really nice of them. But I think I'll take my chance and get those free donuts for a year.

That's breakfast every single day for a whole friggin' year just for getting a shot. And don't tell me a single donut is not breakfast. Have you seen how many calories are in those? This 'one free donut' thing will just hold me accountable with my diet and keep me from spending money.

If you haven't scheduled your vaccination, hurry up and do so. The sooner you get it done, the more donuts you get. Every day that you wait is another donut lost, and you wouldn't want to just throw away free donut, would you?

No, you wouldn't. That would be crazy. Get vaccinated. Get donuts.

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