A therapy dog with an appreciation for good Minnesota craft beer has stolen hearts across the internet.

Late last week, Buzzfeed Animals featured a video of a very well-behaved golden retriever named Ellie. According to Ellie's TikTok bio, Ellie is "A therapy dog on a mission to spread smiles!" With over 808k followers, she's definitely doing just that!

Her TikTok account features videos of her learning to deliver mail...

...picking up to-go food...

...and even "managing" her social media accounts!

Now, Ellie's good behavior has gained the attention of Buzzfeed Animals, one of the largest pet and animal feature accounts online. Last week, Buzzfeed Animals featured a compilation video of Ellie. "This dog is too smart, and their relationship is too cute!" the video's caption reads, referring to Ellie's trainer Kevin. Besides Ellie's own general cuteness, the video gained some attention locally with the appearance of a Minnesota beer.

In one scene (1:05), Kevin asks Ellie to go get him a beer. She can then be seen hurrying to the refrigerator, pulling it open, retrieving a beer at on bottom rack and bringing it back. That beer is from Minnesota's very own Bent Paddle in Duluth!

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. shared the video as well with the comment "Cheers Kevin & Ellie, thanks for sharing your love & for the Bent Hop Golden IPA Cameo at 1:10! 12/10 Good Girl!"

Watch the video for yourself above and follow along with Ellie's adventures on TikTok and Instagram!

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