There were rumblings early on Sunday morning that two NFC North teams were showing interest in Baltimore Ravens kicker Kaare Vedvik, and reading between the lines and knowing our history with kickers, you just knew the Vikings were at least interested. By midday, it was reported the Vikings had traded a 5th Round Draft pick in 2020 for the Norwegian kicker with one heck-of-a leg. So is this the end of the Dan Bailey era? 

The interesting thing about Vedvik is that he punted twice in the Ravens first pre-season game last week, averaging 55.5 yards a punt, AND kicked a 55-yard field goal! He was 4 for 4 on field goals in the game against the Jaguars.

So with the move it begs the question is this the end of Dan Bailey with the Vikings? With the trade of a 2020 5th round pick, it sure seems like it. The Vikings in acquiring Vedvik also cut their tenured long snapper, Kevin McDermott, clearing the way for the rookie long snapper Austin Cutting.

Is the punter next? I mean Vedvik can punt, and early in training camp, it wasn't a secret that the Vikings were trying out different holders for field goals. Time will tell if the punter survives as from this moment forward all eyes will be on the long snapper, holder, and kicker for the rest of the preseason if they weren't already.

I already did my part in welcoming the newest Viking.

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