There it was...the shoe I'd been waiting to drop! Let's just say it, yesterday's game SUCKED. We didn't even look like we came to play, AT HOME - mind you, against the Cowboys. But then again, we had the game of our season the weekend before winning against the Buffalo Bills. While the Dallas Cowboys, got a slap in the face losing to our biggest rivals Green Bay Packers. Not surprised they came fired-up and ready to play!

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Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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Here's something though, my Texas boyfriend, a HUGE Cowboys fan, has told me from the get go - is that Cowboys fans dislike Packers as much as Vikings fans do. But that doesn't change the spanking we took yesterday.

With such an awful loss, I could not WAIT to see how Vikings fans' new favorite viral fan would react and well Jackie had a few choice words:

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******Warning******* that might not be appropriate for children or safe for work, depending on. But if you need a good laugh or a good partner to commiserate with on the Vikings loss here you have it!


Jackie, very much had better reactions than I did, you can ask my boyfriend. My reaction was to just go silent and say;

Yep, I've been waiting for that shoe to drop,

and boy did it, in too big of a way! I had expected us to get at least one more loss, maybe even two in the season. What I hadn't expected was it to be in such fashion, with a 40-3 loss. I could have handled it I think almost better, had we actually shown up to play. It felt a little like that time in 2018, when we beat the Saints in the last seconds with the "Minneapolis Miracle", that the following week we couldn't be bothered to show up in play the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game against the Philly Eagles. But like Jackie says about JJ...the team should be well rested when they play the Patriots on Thanksgiving.

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Thankfully, the biggest difference between then and now for the Vikings, is hopefully we got that terrible, we can't show up to play, type of game out of our system. So it's short week boys, shake it off, and move on!

With all of that said, I am and will always be a Vikings fan. Like when I was a child and I did something stupid and mom would tell me how she felt and would make me feel worse. That's how I feel right now, so to the Vikings if you happen to see this;

I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed.

Now, go on and it's let get a "DUB" this Thanksgiving!

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